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How to build an online community for your product: Why active online communities thrive

How to build an online community:

At one point, you probably thought about creating an online community for your product. Especially if you sell information products or software, an online community can be a valuable part of your business.

But at the same time, you have questions:

How to start a community? Which platform should I build?

How can I make sure people really engage in the community?

What if no one joins?

What is active campaign api?

Fortunately, these questions have answers. In this post, we will cover:

The benefits of online communities

The business goals that a community can help with

How to decide if it’s worth building an online community

What kind of experience you should create for your clients

How to increase engagement in groups

What should go in the guidelines of your community

What platform to build your community on

I participated and facilitated my share of communities, but to make this article as valuable as possible, I did not want to rely solely on my perspective

To bring another point of view, I worked with online community strategist Diana Tower. She even put together some resources – including an ultimate guide to creating an online community from scratch (on Facebook or Slack) – just for ActiveCampaign readers. You can check them here.

Should you even build an online community in the first place Like Active Campaign?

There is a lot of buzz around building an online community. I have even heard some people claim that you should build an online community before creating your email list (which I would not recommend).

Before you start learning the details of Facebook groups or trying to set up a forum, take the time to ask the following question: is building an online community worth it?

Weigh your options

It is important to weigh your options.

Understanding your goals is a crucial first step in building a community. When I asked Diana, she told me that “the most important thing is to ask yourself why you are building a community in the first place”.

Benefits of Online Communities

Once done well, online communities can be a powerful tool for your business. When you plan to create a community, it is important to understand the overall benefits and specific benefits that matter most to your business.

email marketing automation using active campaign

The benefits of an online community include:

Ability to provide fast customer service

Help users connect and connect to each other

Encourage discussion among users and ensure that users help each other

Access to an audience of your most engaged customers (for upsells and cross-sells)

Research on the needs of your customers, either by observation or by direct questions

A strong online community can add another layer of value to your product. Access to a highly motivated community of like-minded people is a major benefit for your customers.

In his book Zero to One, entrepreneur Peter Thiel argues that network effects are one of the most important parts of a company’s success.

In general, a network effect describes a specific phenomenon – the value of a network increasing as the size of a network increases.

If you can maintain engagement in your community as it grows, it can even become more valuable than the product itself!

Creating an online community has great benefits, but that does not necessarily mean that you should create one. First, you must ask an important question.

What business goal do you want to reach?

An online community can be a major asset to the business, but it’s also a major business – not something you should start lightly.

Before you start building your community, you need to ask yourself how the community will ultimately contribute to your business.

There are some major business goals that an online community can help you achieve

Churn reduced. You can reduce claims and churn by adding value to your product and helping people succeed.

Repeat the business. The people most likely to buy from you are existing customers. Providing value and interacting with them can help you stimulate repetitive activities.

How much are you willing to invest in creating a community or you can also be part of a community like active campaign affiliate?

Build it and they will come, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not Field of Dreams. You are not Kevin Costner, and your audience is not Shoeless Joe Jackson.

(But Kevin, if you’re reading this, do not hesitate to contact me on LinkedIn).

In truth, building an online community takes work. Diana Tower argues that many people underestimate how much the work of setting up a committed community is:

“A lot of people are going to build a community and just say ‘ok, I’m going to create a place where people can get involved. That will be great! People will meet, and magically turn into furious fans or get results. ”

When you create a community, it’s a sustainable investment – it’s not something you can put together once, then forget about it.

These are just some of the things you will need to do to maintain your community:

Welcome new members

Start the threads

Reply to comments and questions

Apply community guidelines

Encourage more people to join

If that does not seem like a lot, consider that “community manager” is literally a job title. Creating a committed community takes time and effort.

Let’s say you’ve decided it’s worth it (and in many cases, it is). How can you make sure your community is more than just crickets?

How to create active online communities that initiate conversations

Imagine an online community that runs almost on its own.

People ask questions and other members of the community give detailed answers. Every article is of high quality. The community is so effective that its members even begin to connect offline.

These communities exist, but they are rare. The biggest fear of anyone starting a community is that no one is speaking in the group. This, and that no one will join (which we will discuss later). You need to compare communities like active campaign vs infusionsoft

Community involvement is difficult, but it is feasible. The problem is that most communities do not get the commitment right.

Effective community engagement requires three things:

A deep understanding of the experience you want to give to your customers

The right balance between discussion posts and community discussion

Rigorously applied group guidelines

How do you want people to feel when they come in your group?

Make sure to design an attractive logo in your group like active campaign logo.

When I asked Diana what she thought about it, her answer was a little surprising.

“With a community, you trigger emotions in everything you do.

In the cover image, or the description of the group, the post pinned, the way you interact with people, the tone of the group. Everything should be focused on triggering specific emotions. You must know what emotions your members want and need to feel. ”

It’s a little different from the way most people approach online communities, does not it?

Most people start by thinking very tactically. “Oh, I need this list of 43 questions to get commitment,” and “I have to pin this post here” and “what should I write in my group description.”

The brilliance of Diana’s response is that he takes a step back. He asks a larger question: how do you want people to feel?

Emotion in online communities

Decide on the emotional tone of your community and active campaign crm

When people come to your community, they may want to feel supported. They might feel confused and overwhelmed, and look for answers. They could be excited – and you can work to build on that excitement.

When you think about the experience you want to give your clients, you do not need to stress yourself about setting up any individual tactics or how you will get “commitment”. What does “commitment” mean?

Once you understand your customers’ experience, you can focus on how each tactic contributes.

Let’s say you have an idea of ​​what people need to get from your community. How are you going to get “commitment”?

active campaign dashboard

4 ways to increase community engagement

Ok, we are finally at the engagement section.

When creating an online community, your goal is probably to get people talking to each other and try to cover targeted audience like if i am in chicago so i will target active campaign chicago.

But if you’ve ever been a member of an online community, you know it does not always work very well. Most of the time, the owner of a group simply asks questions over and over.

And there is silence in response.

You want to avoid this fate and create a community that can generate its own discussions without your help. Here are four ways to increase community engagement and also check active campaign reviews and active campaign review .

  1. Encourage engagement by using your other platforms

Your community is not your only point of contact with your customers. This means that you have other channels where you can invite people to participate in the community.

When you post a particularly interesting question, why not send an email to customers and ask them to answer in the group?

In other documents, written guides, videos, a membership website, calls to action to participate in the community.

These steps are incredibly simple, but they are also underutilized. Some business owners feel uncomfortable by constantly asking people to contribute.

But you must ask! At least a little. How can people participate in a group they have never heard of or forgotten?

  1. Lead with something interesting

Imagine two identical online communities related to a productivity info product. In one, the owner publishes this question:

“What is your favorite productivity habit?”

In the other, the owner displays this:

“Buffer has a complete post analyzing the routines of 7 famous entrepreneurs, so it’s so interesting to see how successful people do the same things, and in a different way, take a look at their routines, what do you notice?”

The second position is much longer, but it is also much more specific.

It’s also a lot easier to answer. If someone asked my favorite productivity habit face-to-face, I would probably be able to find something on the spot, but I do not have a single favorite. My answer would change every time.

So, if I saw this comment in a group, I would not be sure how to answer.

But “what do you notice” is a lot easier. The specific context makes the thread more interesting, and everyone can notice something. Even if the post is longer, it lowers the gate at the entrance.

When trying to get a commitment in your community, but a major effort behind your messages. Twice the effort can get 10x results.

  1. Answer the discussions and ask questions

Part of the reason people join your community is because they want to interact directly with you.

For this reason, you should definitely jump into the discussions and answer people’s questions. Every time you participate, people see it and feel more connected with you.

But the way you answer the questions is important.

You do not want this community to be entirely about you, so it’s important that you answer the questions in a way that is more conducive to discussion.

The book Turn the Ship Around !, by L. David Marquet, has a fantastic vision that applies to leaders and community managers: when someone asks you a question, ask them a question as an answer.

Turn the lid around the ship

Imagine running an online fitness community, and someone in the group asked “what is the best workout for developing muscle?” How would you answer?

You could give a detailed answer that goes through the pros and cons of different routines, and teaches the concept of progressive overload. It would probably be useful. And also comparison of different products like active campaign vs aweber and active campaign vs mailchimp.

When you encourage people to find answers on their own, four things happen:But you can also ask a question: “You tell me, how could you answer that question?

The quality of the question in the group improves. You get fewer questions like “How can I do X” and other questions like “I did some research on X, Y, and Z, and I think Y is the way to go. What do you think about doing a modified version of Y that adds elements of X?

People are more likely to act. When a person comes to a conclusion on their own, they are more likely to follow it and take action.

Active campaign also have very good active campaign support , active campaign tutorials and active campaign tutorial.