How to Re-engage Inactive Subscribers

When subscribers go inactive, it is a good thought to try out to gain them back with a re-engagement scheme. It is oftentimes less expensive to aim an actual customer than it is to find out a new one. Acquiring the concern of inactive subscribers assists you make the most of your Email Marketing list.

inactive email subscriber list

Discover Inactive Subscribers:

It is average to have a few inactive subscribers who do not enlist with your campaigns very much, but who are all the same interested in your brand. Utilize some campaign segment instruments to discover your minimal engaged subscribers, and aim them with applicable campaigns that can gain their interest.

To get rolling, you will make a segment grounded on campaign activity or contact ranking to discover inactive subscribers in your mailing list. If you have not done this yet, study Identify Inactive Subscribers for elaborated instructions.

Select Your Re-Engagement Tools:

The most effective re-engagement scheme counts on your industry and your brand. Regardless what industry you are in, a booming re-engagement email campaign or landing page practices related content as a bonus for subscribers to interact with your brand once again. For instance, if you have an internet store, you could offer selective vouchers or discount codes.

Here are a few of famous re-engagement tools that can assist you to appeal your section of inactive subscribers.

  • Automation
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Online Competitions
  • Coupons or Promo Codes
  • Product Recommendations

Try out Your Content:

Afterwards you select your re-engagement tools; you are ready to make your campaigns. We powerfully recommend you apply A/B Testing Campaigns or Multivariate Campaigns to try out distinct versions of your content and ascertain the most efficacious re-engagement scheme for your audience. For instance, you might prefer to see if your subscribers are more expected to engage with a promo code for 10 percent off on their following order, or a code free of charge shipping.

Consider Your Results:

The most booming re-engagement campaigns will commonly re-engage approximately 10 percent of inactive subscribers. Counting on the size of your email list and your sales destinations, re-engagement campaigns have the prospective to create a big effect on your opens, clicks, and sales events.

Consider results in the Reports segment of your account to assure if your campaign caught the interest of your inactive subscribers.

  • Campaign Reports
  • Poll Results
  • Return on Investment
  • Inactive Segment

If your final results are lower than you anticipate, try out increasing the discount or publicity in your following re-engagement campaign. If a few inactive subscribers still do not reply at all, you will be able to keep them in an inactive section of your email list, or move out inactive from your email list to possibly save money on your Monthly Plan.

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